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I am an actor, improviser, and musician living in New York City. I am a student in the Stella Adler Studio of Acting 3-Year Conservatory.

I grew up in Boston, MA, attending Boston Latin Academy and Boston University. My first love is music, and I started playing guitar when I was 14. Inspired by rock guitar greats like Joe Perry, Dave Mustaine, Adrian Smith, and many others, I sought the true American Dream: Rock Stardom. I formed a few bands and toured the Northeast, released a couple of EPs and one full-length album. But life happens and my rock dreams faded. Faced with the daunting task of figuring out what to do next, I weighed my options: Grad School or Comedy. Comedy was more affordable.

I started classes at ImprovBoston in September 2008 and knew from the very first class that acting was my greatest love. Over six years, I was encouraged and challenged to explore every aspect of performance, from improv and sketch comedy, to musical theatre and drama. By the time I left Boston, I was an ArtsImpulse Award nominated actor in theatre, a member of both ImprovBoston’s National Touring Company and ImprovBoston’s Harold Night, as well as a Comedy Camp instructor and anti-bullying workshop leader.

I moved to Chicago in August 2014 in order to pursue more opportunities on stage and in film. The city’s theatre community is a thriving center of dynamic, purposeful, gut-check art, and in my short time there I studied under some of Chicago’s best teachers, worked with daring directors, and performed with dedicated artists. I was proud to be a member of Chicago’s pulsating arts community, but I also wanted to go further with my training. In 2017, I applied to and was accepted into the Stella Adler Studio of Acting’s 3-Year Conservatory, receiving the Elaine Stritch Scholarship, and moved to New York City in September 2018.

Every day, I get to learn from legendary teachers, and work with exceptionally gifted, dedicated, and kind classmates, all while exploring the rich culture of New York City. I am inspired to keep learning, keep growing, keep working, and to keep searching for truth.



“Mr. Mulhern brings his background in comedy and improvised theatre to bear in an impressive, high-energy performance shot through with moments of grim humor…His soliloquies constantly transform him from a smiling self-confident man of the world into a grimacing, anguished monster…Mulhern/Macbeth veers violently between a carefree hedonist and an anguished victim of his own nightmares. I have never seen a more convincing portrayal of power unraveling before our very eyes.”

-Alfred Thomas, City Desk, Chicago Shakespeare 400 Festival

“Brendan Mulhern and Katie Stimpson are both riveting as the murderous Scottish power couple”

New City Stage (Chicago)

“Mulhern’s expressions alone telegraph the action and emotional contents underlying them in most of the scenes.”

Picture This Post

“Mulhern’s physical approach and embodiment of the role shows the depth of Macbeth’s paranoia and guilt over his own actions and weakness. The scene where Macbeth imagines seeing the bloody dagger hanging in the air, though invisible to the audience, is a perfect example of the type of energy he brings the role. Even without the use of a prop, it is quite visual in its depth and impact.”

Buzz News


“A handsome shepherd, Victor, winningly played by Brendan J. Mulhern…”

Chicago On Stage

“The strong and appealing Brendan J. Mulhern…”


The Impossible Adventures of Supernova Jones

“…Brendan J. Mulhern gives a startlingly honest, emotionally charged performance as Supernova Jones.”
Chicago Reader

“…Brendan Mulhern embodies the perfect action hero, and his gravitas carries the darker and more emotional moments of the show”
Chicago Critic

“Mulhern is able to toggle between B movie hero and bereaved everyman and do both men justice…”
NewCity Stage (Chicago)

The Haberdasher! A Tale of Derring-do

“Mulhern impresses with his natural presence, easy comedic timing, and broad physical comedy…[He] switches between the many voices and physicalities with such ease that you feel that he could have played the whole show by himself .”
My Theatre (Boston)

“Brendan Mulhern is so specific in each of his characters he has to fight to keep from stealing the show. Though the audience is thoroughly delighted by him, they are delighted by the way he works with ensemble, and not because he stands apart from it.”
Edge Boston

The Heebie-Jeebies (Short Film – 2014)

“Mulhern’s loveable Dad is great, with a couple of very good humorous moments and a good-natured boyish charm to complement the creepy nature of the short.”
Hickey’s House of Horrors

The Seabirds

“…Mickey Leance, an Irish immigrant and Confederate deserter, depicted with explosive vitality by Brendan Mulhern”
Arts Editor

“Mulhern is a personal favorite…with his incredible physicality and the ease with which he portrays the intensely complex emotions of his character.”
My Theatre (Boston)

“Brendan Mulhern has vibrant eyes and a personality that can’t help but draw you in. He has a resonant and richly timbered voice, and he speaks in a thick brogue that is never suspect.”
Edge Boston


“The young playwright Cliff is excellently played by Brendan Mulhern who is tall, dark and handsome…[He] also handles the transition of this young, naive college student into a menacing figure with ease and his angry moments are startling to behold.”
Theatre Mirror

Brendan Mulhern portrays Clifford Anderson with charm and rugged subtlety”
Boston Examiner

Monty Python’s Spamalot

If you crave spot-on Python delivery, Brendan Mulhern provides it a bit as Sir Lancelot, but in droves as the taunting guard at the French castle, the Knight of Ni and the Enchanter with the Killer Rabbit. These favorite scenes would not work as well without that familiar delivery and Mulhern is simply a master of the Python method.”
Patriot Ledger