Hello! It’s been awhile! How are you? You look great!

It has been quite a year…I’m sorry, what? Two? Two what? Years? It’s been TWO years since I updated this site?

Well. That’s embarrassing. And irresponsible.

But it’s all for good reasons. See, life has been pretty amazing since 2017, and I’ve had a chance to take a break from the hustle and dedicate time to becoming a better artist. UPDATES!

  • I got married! Sophie is smart, talented, funny, beautiful, energetic, passionate, goofy, badass, and she’s going to change the world. More on her later.
  • I was accepted into the Stella Adler Studio of Acting’s 3-Year Conservatory in New York City. Their artistic mission matches my own and I’ve loved every minute working and studying there.
  • I moved to New York City. It’s the best. I am available for all Slightly Annoyed But Curious And Hella Stylish Assassin background characters you need for any subsequent John Wick films.
  • My wife is AWESOME. She is the creator and host of Science With Sophie – Science Comedy for girls and everyone. She won the 2018 IAWTV Award for Best Children’s Series and Season 2 is on YouTube now. Like, Subscribe, and Share with a young scientist you know.

I’ve updated my Bio and added some new Press. Over the Summer, I will update the Photos section and have a new Reel. Check it all out, leave some nice comments, and enjoy your Summer! Going anywhere nice? Staycaying like a boss? Whatever you do, bring goodness and light to the world.

Thanks for dropping by!

Brendan J. Mulhern