Brendan Mulhern and Sophia Shrand have announced the casting of their new original work The Big Day, or How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love Somebody: A Romantic-Comedy In One 6-Hour Act. The world-premiere production opens on July 15th, 2017 at The Shrandcastle in Marshfield, MA. This illustrious work will be produced by Dr. Joseph and Carol Shrand and directed by Josh Garneau.

“Growing up in Boston and now living in Chicago, we are surrounded by major talent,” explained Mulhern, “and picking the right cast was a very difficult process. At the end of the day, you just have to go with the people you trust completely”.


Jonathan Mulhern stars as BEST MAN

Starring in The Big Day will be nuptial veteran Jonathan Mulhern as BEST MAN and party newcomer Becca Mai Shrand as MAID OF HONOR. “We are thrilled to have these two amazing talents lead this event,” said Shrand. “While they come from very different backgrounds and are separated by nearly 20 years of experience, they are two people who have known us their entire lives. They will bring the right combination of gravitas, energy, and familiarity that such a special day requires.” Asked if nepotism played any role in casting decisions, Shrand replied “Absolutely.”


Becca Mai Shrand debuts as MAID OF HONOR

Behind them is a world-class ensemble assembled from an eclectic group of artists. THE GROOMSMEN will feature Justin “Party Lifer” Osborne, Jason “Pocket Socks” Shrand, and Galen “Where’s Galen” Shrand, while THE BRIDESMAIDS will feature Katie “Heart Smart” Behrmann, Angela “What’s Wrong” Horn, and Rachel “The Rose” Tamulevich. “With this star-studded team, my job will be very simple” says Josh Garneau. “Make sure people stand where they should, make sure other people sit where they should, and make sure Brendan and Sophie get married.”

While this is Garneau’s first time directing a wedding, it is not his first time working with this couple. “We have done other shows together and we’ve always had a great creative relationship. And Brendan and I go way back.”


Josh Garneau is set to direct the world-premiere production

“Josh knows me better than anyone alive” said Mulhern, “and he has loved Sophie with the same kindness and spirit of friendship since he has known her. We are honored to be married by him”. As to any presumed lack of experience, Garneau had this to say: “I may not have ever married anybody, but I’ve drunk my share at enough weddings to forget more than I can remember. Uh. So. It should be fine. We’ll see”. He smiled and added “It’ll be great!”