Hey Friends!

My Mother’s Daughter is a short film written and directed by Mei Gao that will be released in June. I really enjoyed working with this young but very professional creative team on this sweet story. From the description;

“After learning of her mother’s death on the eve of Chinese New Year, a Chinese woman living in the U.S. confronts the cultural gap between herself and her half-asian daughter. At first glance, My Mother’s Daughter  looks like an intimate family story, but on a deeper level, it explores rarely represented characters, such as a female protagonist in a multicultural relationship.”

On one level, it’s simply good to support young artists as they hone their craft. But on another level, racism and sexism in the film industry is still a huge problem and I think any time we have an opportunity to support a project that enlightens us on the experience of women and/or minorities, we should do it. So, if you have the means, please consider making a donation to the My Mother’s Daughter Kickstarter so they can finish this wonderful film.